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Pico decker proto - quad expander - PIM555 Maximize

Pico decker proto - quad expander - PIM555

4 Pico HAT's on 1 Raspberry Pi Pico

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12,95 €

Quadruplicate your GPIO pins and attach up to four add-ons to a single Raspberry Pi Pico with our formidable Pico Decker expander board!

Struggling to choose between Pico add-ons? Mix and match up an epic stack of functionality and plug in up to four Pico Packs or Bases at once, or use the four sets of fully labelled male GPIO pins to easily attach other devices, jumper wires or circuitry - very useful for prototyping. Pimoroni has also included some little rubber feet to keep everything solid, four M2.5 mounting holes and some particularly whimsical Routemaster bus inspired artwork on the back.

If you're after something a little more compact, we also have a two slot Pico Omnibus.

A Raspberry Pi Pico and add-ons are not included. The Pico Decker becomes usable when you add the Raspberry Pi Pico with the pins soldered to the bottom. The Pico Decker does not have to be soldered. It is sufficient to just stick the rubber feet to the bottom of the PCB.


You will need to check for data pin conflicts when using multiple Pico add-ons - we recommend using or checking the Pimoroni product page to see which pins are used for a specific add-on.