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Raspberry Pi M.2 HAT (voor Raspberry Pi 5) (for use with NVMe SSD's) Maximize

Raspberry Pi M.2 HAT (voor Raspberry Pi 5) (for use with NVMe SSD's)

The official M.2 Expansion for the Raspberry Pi 5

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14,95 €

Expansion module for the Raspberry Pi 5, allowing you to now directly connect M.2 SSDs to the Raspberry Pi 5. The card connects to the Pi via a small ribbon cable, enabling communication with the fast PCI bus. This allows the hard drive to be accessed even faster by the processor than via the SD card or a hard drive connected to the USB port.

The M.2 HAT can be mounted INSIDE the official Raspberry Pi case, but this requires removing the fan from the case. To ensure sufficient ventilation, the ActiveCooler is recommended. This can be placed between the Raspberry Pi and the M.2 HAT, allowing everything to still fit in the standard case.

Devices with dimensions 2230 and 2242 can work with this expansion card.


  • Supports a single-lane PCIe 2.0 interface (500 MB/s peak transfer rate)
  • Supports devices that use the M.2 M-key edge connector
  • Supports devices with the 2230 or 2242 form factor
  • Capable of supplying up to 3A to connected M.2 devices
  • Includes power and activity LEDs
  • Conforms to the Raspberry Pi HAT+ specification
  • Supplied with ribbon cable, 16mm stacking header, spacers and screws, and knurled double-flanged screw to secure and support the M.2 device