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Argon NEO 5 case voor de Raspberry Pi 5 Maximize

Argon NEO 5 case voor de Raspberry Pi 5

Small aluminium case for the Raspberry Pi 5. Including fan for even better thermal dissipation, if the Raspberry Pi needs it.

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25,95 €

The first case for the Raspberry Pi 5 from our friends over at Argon40 is the NEO 5 - a smooth aluminium alloy case with both active and passive cooling for the ultimate cooling/quiet combo!

With a 30mm internal PWM blower fan, combined with intake and exhaust vents, you can push your Pi 5 to the max and let the case handle cooling when it's needed. When you're not pushing things to the limits, the fan will turn off and allow the passive cooling features to take over, keeping your environment quiet.

The case gives access to all ports including the power button. Available in black/red or all-black. (Check the correct version before ordering.)


  • Redesigned specifically to meet the demands of the Raspberry Pi 5
  • Made with aluminium alloy and lower black/red or all-black finish
  • The case acts as passive cooling for the high demands of the Raspberry Pi 5
  • Assembling the case with the Raspberry Pi is easy
  • Easy to bring anywhere with the case's small form factor
  • Screw on top cover to keep the ports safe when not in use
  • All the ports of the Raspberry Pi 5 are available while keeping the Pi safe
  • 30mm internal PWM blower fan
  • Passive cooling fins and exhaust vents
  • Side air intake vents