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NVMe Base for Raspberry Pi 5 – NVMe Base Maximize

NVMe Base for Raspberry Pi 5 – NVMe Base

Add super-fast storage to the Raspberry Pi 5 with this NVMe base. Mounts UNDER the Raspberry Pi 5, leaving the top free for fans, PoE HAT, or other accessories. (Storage medium not included.)

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15,95 €

Add super-fast storage to your Raspberry Pi 5 allowing for lightening fast boots, NAS use, and snappy applications!
NVMe Base is a PCIe extension board for Raspberry Pi 5. Simply populate it with an M-key NVMe SSD (2230 to 2280 sizes supported) and mount it under your Pi for a compact and fast storage solution - It even comes with rubber feet!
It's the perfect solution for turning your Raspberry Pi 5 into a file server, media centre, reverse proxy, etc. - really any task that benefits from large amounts of fast storage, especially with random high operations per second (IOPS) workloads. In short it's a game changer!
NVMe base follows the new "PIP" design guidelines provided by Raspberry Pi ensuring that it will be easy to use and be supported long term by updates to Raspberry Pi OS - though it is very early days and things are improving rapidly there!

For compatibility and installation manual, see: