Keyboard black/grey - AZERTY Maximize

Keyboard black/grey - AZERTY

Raspberry Pi keyboard (FR layout)

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78-key FR keyboard (AZERTY keyboard layout, without numeric keypad) with built-in 3-port USB hub. Keep your desk tidy without all of the wires. Connect your mouse and other peripherals to the keyboard, and you can connect everything to your Raspberry Pi with 1 cable. This way, a model A + can do just as much as its bigger counterpart!

Configure Raspberry Pi for use with this keyboard:

- Start a terminal screen with LXTerminal (the black icon in the top left corner)

- Start "sudo raspi-config"

- Then choose the option 5- "Localization options".

- Select option L3 "Keyboard"

- Select option "Generic 105-key PC (intl.)"

- Select option "French - French (AZERTY)". (Choose "Other" and then "French" if you don't see this option right away)

- Select option "Right Alt (AltGr)"

- Select option "No compose key"

- Select option "Finish"