1U Rack, 19" Rackmount supports 1-4 Pis - UCTRONICS Maximize

1U Rack, 19" Rackmount supports 1-4 Pis - UCTRONICS

UCTRONICS 1U rack for Raspberry Pi, 19 inch rackmount that supports 1-4 Units of all Raspberry Pi B/B+ Models.

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Here's what UCTRONICS says about their 1U Rack 19 inch rackmount (for 1-4 Pis):


  • This 19 inch rackmount is specifically designed to house Raspberry Pi 4 B, 3 B/B+ and other B/B+ boards, supports up to 4 units.
  • Standard 1U Size: 19"x1.75"(486.2x44.5mm), fully compatible with 19" server racks, had no issue plugging this into the 1U rack space.
  • Easy to Install: 4 slots for raspberry pi B/B+ boards, fixed with included screw; 8 slots for optional inserts like HDMI, LAN, USB; the rack can be vertical fixed on the mounting rail (the rack mount screw is not included).
  • Quality Built: Nice and sturdy gauge of 1.2mm carbon steel used in its creation, matte black powder coat finish, have nothing breaking off, paint chips, sharp exposed edges (plate corners are rounded off smooth).
  • Application: A housing solution to optimize the workspace, can be used for Raspberry Pi clusters, video walls, and so on.

Raspberry Pi Cluster Ideas

  •     Learn and experiment on Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Serverless, Microservices and Orchestration on bare metal.
  •     Build a testing environment for your cloud-native apps.
  •     Build a home server for web applications and databases.
  •     Build your own NAS or media center.
  •     Create a home automation system.
  •     Learn distributed computing and deployment from the ground up.
  •     Build private servers for numerous games.

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1pcs UCTRONICS 1U 19u201c Rack Mount for Raspberry Pi B Models