Argon one case for the Raspberry Pi 4 (version 2) Maximize

Argon one case for the Raspberry Pi 4 (version 2)

Aluminum enclosure, heat sink and active fan

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Beautifully designed case for the Raspberry Pi 4. Completely made of aluminum, making the case itself function as a heatsink. In addition, the enclosure has a fan added inside the case for even better heat dissipation. The HDMI connectors and analog audio / video connector are rerouted to the rear, so you really have all the connectors together.

In the updated version 2, the HDMI connectors are now the regular HDMI connectors. So you no longer need micro HDMI cables.

The GPIO pins remain accessible through the magnetic cover plate. This also keeps it in place, so it cannot get lost quickly.

In addition, there is also a switch installed on the case, which can be programmed as a power button

Note: The DSI ports for the camera and display are closed, so the Raspberry Pi cannot be used with the Raspberry Pi Display or the Raspberry Pi Cameras in this housing.