2.7mm lens voor de Raspberry Pi HQ-m12-camera - 12MP - SC0947

25mm lens with 12M-mount

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30,50 €

25mm lens for the Raspberry Pi HQ camera with M12-mount.


For use on the Raspberry Pi HQ camera: first remove the spacer ring from the Raspberry Pi HQ camera. Then screw the lens onto the HQ camera.

To test the settings, you can enter the command "raspistill -t 10000" to show a preview on the screen for 100 seconds. (Optionally use CTRL + C to abort.) To take a picture, use the command "raspistill -o new_foto.jpg -t 1000".


  • CS mount
  • 53g
  • Angle of view: 63 degrees
  • Size: 30x34mm