Arducam upgraded Camera Pan Tilt Platform for the Raspberry Pi Maximize

Arducam upgraded Camera Pan Tilt Platform for the Raspberry Pi

Arducam Upgraded Camera Pan Tilt Platform for Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Jetson Nano/Xavier NX

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Item Description
Arducam B0283 is a new member of the family, which is an upgraded version of B0227 with improved bracket quality and a mini customized control board. It can move the camera for pan and tilt directional control, and that means a single camera can be used to monitor places that should be covered by multiple ones.

Upgraded: 1. Increase the quality of bracket; 2. Customize a smaller board which can be enclosed in the base; 3. Extend the vertical rotation angle from 145 degree to 180 degree.
Pan Tilt Kit: Free panning and tilting in a smaller PT bracket. Specifically designed for a broader view on Raspberry Pi camera projects, can also be used on Jetson NX and other platforms (RPi demo only).
Customized Control Board: I2C controlled, outputs the PWM signals to drive the servo motors directly, aesthetic and minimalist customization design makes it can be mounted in the base bracket and simplify the wiring.
Mini Digital Servos: Two GH-S37D digital servos for a faster speed, higher torque and better holding capability (than analog servos).
You'll be Getting: 1 set pan tilt bracket kit, 2 digital servo motors, a PTZ controller board (with 4 jumper wires), a pack of screws.
Digital Servo

Torque: 0.6 kg/cm at 3.6V, 0.8 kg/cm at 4.8V
Operating Speed: 0.13sec/60° at 3.6V, 0.09sec/60° at 4.8V
Operating Voltage: 3.6v~4.8v
Operating Current: <350mA
Dead Band: 3 usec
Dimension: 20mm x 8.75mm x 22mm
Customized Control Board

PWM resolution: 12-bit
Communication interface: I2C
Operating voltage: 3V-5V
Dimension: 38mm x 28mm
Package Including
2 x Digital servos
1 set upgraded bracket pieces
1 x Customized control board
4 x Female to female jumper wires (The wire has no fixed color)
1 x Screws pack
1 x Manual