micro SD card 64Gb including NOOBS Pre-installed Maximize

micro SD card 64Gb including NOOBS Pre-installed

Micro SD card from SanDisk, including SD card adapter and jewel case

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This 64Gb micro SD card from SanDisk is an official SD card from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The micro SD cards from SanDisk and its class A1, allowing the full throughput of the Raspberry Pi to be used. The SD cards are already equipped with NOOBS as standard, so that you can immediately start with the desktop environment. If you press the SHIFT key during boot, a boot menu will come up from which you can choose a different operating system. This is to choose Kodi, for example, as a media center.

Comes standard with adapter to SD format and jewel case.

Suitable for all versions of the Raspberry Pi (except the Compute module).