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pHAT diffuser

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Ideal accessory for one of Pimoroni's LED products: the diffuser. As a result the electronics aren't visible anymore, but only the text / numbers / lights that you want to show. It immediately gives your setup a lot more luxurious look!

Ideaal hulpstuk voor een van de LED-producten van Pimoroni: de diffuser. Hierdoor zie je niet meer de kale elektronica, maar alleen de tekst/cijfers/lichtjes die je wil laten zien. Het maakt de uitstraling van je opstelling meteen een stuk luxer!

Here's what Pimoroni says about it:

This diffuser will give your pHAT lovely bokeh!

Cut from the finest frosted perspex, this little diffusion layer will soften the lights from your Scroll pHAT HDUnicorn pHAT, or any other pHAT with lovely, blinky lights of your choosing.

Ships with 6 nuts that you can use to vary the distance between the diffuser and the pHAT to give a greater or lesser light spread, depending on your preference.

Raspberry Pi Zero W and Unicorn pHAT not included!