Maker-Pi-Pico, Raspberry Pi Pico not included Maximize

Maker-Pi-Pico, Raspberry Pi Pico not included

Cytron Maker-Pi-Pico, with easy-to-use Grove connectors, the Raspberry Pi Pico NOT INCLUDED

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An easy start-off with the Raspberry Pi Pico and you already have a Pico? Cytron's Maker-Pi-Pico makes this a lot easier! All GPIO ports are coupled with an LED indicator, so that you can easily see which port is "on" or "off". In addition, the board has a reset button, audio interface, SD card interface, buzzer, a RGB LED - Neopixel and an on / off switch. There is even a connection for an ESP-01 WiFi module!

The GPIO ports can be used via jumper wires and/or via Grove cables. No soldering required!

You will have to add a Raspberry Pi Pico yourself.