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Spacers / standoffs M2.5, 12mm Maximize

Spacers / standoffs M2.5, 12mm

4 spacers of 12 mm, for the M.2 HAT

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Would you like to place the M.2 HAT in the official case? Then you will need these replacement spacers. Please note that you will need to click the fan out of the case, which means you will need an ActiveCooler for ventilation.


  • Place the GPIO header on the HAT.
  • Screw the 12mm spacers with the screws (that come with the M.2 HAT) onto the M.2 HAT.
  • Place the M.2 cable on the HAT (gently pull the black tab away from the connector, DO NOT REMOVE it!).
  • Insert the cable and push the tab back, then place the M.2 HAT upside down.
  • Position the Raspberry Pi with the M.2 side facing the cable of the M.2 HAT.
  • Gently pull the bracket up and insert the cable into the Raspberry Pi.
  • "Flip" the M.2 HAT on top of the Raspberry Pi, ensuring that the GPIO headers align properly on the Raspberry Pi.
  • The bottom does NOT need to be secured.
  • The whole can now be placed inside the official Raspberry Pi case.