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Raspberry Pi AI-kit (M.2 HAT + Hailo 8L accelerator) Maximize

Raspberry Pi AI-kit (M.2 HAT + Hailo 8L accelerator)

The official M.2 Expansion, now including a Hailo 8L accelerator. (Only compatible for the Raspberry Pi 5!)

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79,95 €

The Raspberry Pi AI Kit consists of the previously released M.2 adapter, combined with the Hailo 8L accelerator (in the M.2 format). This allows the Raspberry Pi 5 to be expanded with the AI ​​module, which can deliver 13 TOPS (Trillions of Operations Per Second). The Hailo 8L module is fully integrated with the camera software, allowing object recognition to be performed on the Raspberry Pi.

The information we have now:

  • Hailo software packages (Hailo device drivers, HailoRT and HailoTappas) can be easily installed in the APT package manager.
  • Fully integrated with the Raspberry Pi camera software (libcamera / rpicam-apps / picamera2).
  • Multiple demos integrating neural network processing using the Hailo hardware in the rpicam-apps postprocessing framework. More information will follow.
  • In addition, Hailo also offers some advanced AI demos for the Raspberry Pi. More information will follow.

To mount it inside the official case, you need the appropriate headers.