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Hitaltech DIN-rail behuizing voor de Raspberry pi 4 Maximize

Hitaltech DIN-rail behuizing voor de Raspberry pi 4

The Italtronic / Hitaltech DIN-rail enclosure, designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi 4, provides an ideal solution for Raspberry Pi 4 mounting. The Railbox 45 mm is a vertical DIN-rail enclosure that allows easy and ultra-fast installation, thanks to the included DIN-rail hook.

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19,34 €

Explore the versatile Italtronic / Hitaltech DIN-rail enclosure, meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with the Raspberry Pi 4. The Railbox 45 mm offers the perfect solution for securely and efficiently mounting your Raspberry Pi 4 while combining functionality and style.

This vertical DIN-rail enclosure is delivered as a complete set, including a convenient DIN-rail hook, making installation a breeze. Thanks to its thoughtful design, the enclosure not only provides protection for your Raspberry Pi 4 but also offers an organized and space-saving solution for industrial and professional applications. Choose the Railbox 45 mm and experience effortless Raspberry Pi 4 integration on the DIN rail, ensuring your project runs smoothly and looks polished.