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Fan SHIM - PIM461 Maximize

Fan SHIM - PIM461

Active cooling for your Raspberry Pi, without soldering!

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Make your Raspberry Pi 4 really cool with Fan SHIM! This 30mm solderless controllable CPU fan with programmable RGB LED and tactile switch (also programmable yourself) gives your Raspberry Pi significantly better thermal performance. It is also whisper quiet!

Fan SHIM just slips onto the pins of your Pi and it's ready to go, no soldering required! The fan still has to be screwed onto the supplied plate. For the installation manual, see also: https://learn.pimoroni.com/tutorial/sandyj/getting-started-with-fan-shim

By default, the fan works without additional software, but you can also choose to do it yourself. Then you can do useful things, such as turn on the fan when the CPU reaches a certain temperature. Use the LED as a handy visual indicator to show fan status, CPU load / temperature, whatever! The tactile switch can also be programmed so that you can use it to turn the fan on or off, or toggle between temperature-controlled or manual mode.

Handy for use with the PiBow enclosures!

Extra tip: First, make sure you have the latest Raspberry Pi firmware. By using the latest firmware you can lower the temperature a few degrees free of charge. Checking and upgrading the firmware can be done by running the following commands at the command prompt:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get full upgrade