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Raspberrp Pi model A+

The energy-efficient Raspberry Pi A+

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This Pi is based on the first Raspberry Pi, but with the usual 40 pin header. The energy use is only 200 mA, which makes it a handy helper, especially for energy-efficient projects. No WiFi on board, so use a WiFi dongle to access a network. If you need that of course.

Like the Raspberry Pi model A, this A+ has an ARM processor at 700Mhz and 256 MB of internal memory. Furthermore, all 40 GPIO header pins that can also be found on the model B+, as well as the HDMI, micro SD and the improved audio chip.

In a nutshell:

  • Dimensions: 65x56x12mm
  • Memory: 256MB RAM
  • Ports: Micro SD slot, 1x USB, 40x GPIO, HDMI, analog audio, camera port and connection for a DSI display.
  • Network: There is no network connection. Use a WiFi USB dongle to to enable connection in your final application.
  • Use: only 200mA!