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Raspberry Pi 4B - 1Gb - Black - Starter Pack (2019) Maximize

Raspberry Pi 4B - 1Gb - Black - Starter Pack (2019)

The 1GB Narrowcasting-solution.

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Would you like to get started with your own advertising or menu on a TV screen? Then this set is for you. This set contains everything you need to get started, even without much knowledge of IT.

Yodeck is a professional package for so-called "NarrowCasting," which means displaying your own information/photos/videos on your TV. Setting this up via Yodeck is very easy. And the best part: Yodeck (the software) is completely free for one screen. So, you don't need to set up or maintain a "server" yourself; Yodeck has already taken care of everything for you!

For more information about Yodeck, visit: https://www.yodeck.com/

About the offered set:

The set is based on a standard Raspberry Pi 4-1GB starter pack. This is fast enough for most videos or photo collages, as well as displaying news headlines. Does your company have a webpage with various statistics? This can be displayed perfectly on the screen too!

The advantage of this set is that the Raspberry Pi is fully assembled for you and equipped with Yodeck software, so all you need to do is connect the Raspberry Pi to your TV. (Of course, the power supply needs to be plugged in, and temporarily, a network cable needs to be connected to your internet connection.)

You can easily and quickly create an account for Yodeck at: https://app.yodeck.com/signup

After creating the account and powering on the Raspberry Pi, you can enter a pairing code, and then you're ready to go with your own screen. You can then optionally set up Wi-Fi for wireless access and create your own playlist. (Or choose from one of the many templates or applications...)

For multiple screens:

This set is for installing a single screen only. Even though the Raspberry Pi has 2 connections, the software can only provide information to one screen. If you have multiple screens, you will need as many Raspberry Pis.

The central software has many advantages for multiple screens. For example: centrally updating all screens at once, using the screen in case of emergencies, centrally turning on and off all screens, and checking if all screens are still working properly.

Would you like to connect multiple screens? Please let us know via the contact form. Prices start at $8.00 per month per screen, with the first screen being free, of course.