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AZERTY - 4Gb - Desktop kit incl. Raspberry Pi 4B

All you need is one or more HDMI display(s) and you can get started right away!

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Availability date: 1 January 2024

129,95 €

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A true all-in-1 kit! A full-fledged desktop PC, all you need is an HDMI display ... Or 2!

Heatsinks are not included in this set.  Order them right Away!

Contents of the set:

INCLUDES Raspberry Pi 4 (model B) - 4Gb

- Official Raspberry Pi keyboard + hub (white, FR version, AZERTY keyboard layout, without numeric keypad)
- Official Raspberry Pi mouse (white)
- Official Raspberry Pi SD card (16Gb)
- Official Raspberry Pi 15W adapter (white)
- 2 official Raspberry Pi HDMI-microHDMI cables
- Official Raspberry Pi case (white)
- Official Raspberry Pi Beginners guide (English)

Configure Raspberry Pi for use with this keyboard:

- Start a terminal screen with LXTerminal (the black icon in the top left corner)

- Start "sudo raspi-config"

- Then choose the option 5- "Localization options".

- Select option L3 "Keyboard"

- Select option "Generic 105-key PC (intl.)"

- Select option "French - French (AZERTY)". (Choose "Other" and then "French" if you don't see this option right away)

- Select option "Right Alt (AltGr)"

- Select option "No compose key"

- Select option "Finish"