ArduCam Auto Focus Camera for the Raspberry Pi 3 en 4, OV5647 5MP 1080P Maximize

ArduCam Auto Focus Camera for the Raspberry Pi 3 en 4, OV5647 5MP 1080P

Motorized focus camera for the Raspberry Pi 3, 3B+ en 4.

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The package includes a 5MP OV5647 camera board with motorized lens for the Raspberry Pi, an acrylic case and a 15cm flex ribbon cable for Raspberry Pi Model A&B series (Pi Zero cable NOT included).

Here's what ArduCam says about it:


The official camera modules have fixed-focus lenses, which are either glued or need manual adjustment. However, Arducam thinks that your focus matters and has released this motorized focus camera for Raspberry Pi. This Arducam camera module is designed for you to control the focus on a camera for Raspberry Pi via software, so you can see closer and see where you want to see.

To learn more about autofocus with Raspberry Pi camera modules, we recommend you read Raspberry Pi Camera Autofocus: The Complete Guide.


  • SEE CLOSER: Software-controllable moveable Lens. Shoot objects in millimeter level and in the distance on the same camera, remotely controlled without lens adjustment tool, closer and easier than the fixed focus (1 m to infinity) official Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2
    SEE SMARTER: Thanks to the motorized lens and the Autofocus python scripts powered by OpenCV, your focus is now the camera’s focus. Support the autofocus features on Raspberry Pi 4/3B+/3 and more.
    SEE PRECISELY: Precise manual focus control with UP and DOWN keys on the keyboard to handcraft your pixel accuracy and optimal clarity on a Pi camera for machine vision, object recognition and more
    SEE NATURALLY: 5MP OV5647 sensor camera module, same form factor and same mounting holes for your drop-in replacements, works natively compatible with the Raspberry Pi. Support OS like Raspbian, OctoPi, MotionEye, Kali, Ubuntu, and More
    Acrylic camera case and 15cm flex ribbon camera cable for Model A&B series included. Other Pi Camera software focus control solutions: Check autofocus drop-in replacement for 8MP, IMX135 MIPI camera for 13MP, IMX298 MIPI camera for 16MP.

Other upgraded solutions:

  • 8MP V2 Camera Autofocus
  • 12MP HQ Camera Autofocus


  • IoT cameras
    Robot cameras
    Wildlife cameras
    Other battery-powered products
    Can be used in MCU, Raspberry Pi, ARM, DSP, FPGA platforms

Features & Specs:

  • Sensor: 5MP OV5647
    Still Picture: 2592×1944 Max
    IR sensitivity: Integral IR filter, visible light only
    Focus Type: Motorized focus
    Field of View: 54°×44° (H×V)
    Board Size: 25mm × 24mm
    Focus Distance: 80mm to infinity

Package Contents

  • 1 × 5MP OV5647 camera board with motorized lens for Raspberry Pi
  • 1 × Acrylic case for the camera module
  • 1 × 15cm flex ribbon cable for Raspberry Pi Model A&B series (Pi Zero cable not included)


5MP OV5647 Motorized Focus Camera Modules


3D drawing

Camera holder for Creality Ender 3


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